4 Marketing Technology Trends that Can Impact your Business

March 18, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

Lawyers are about to use marketing technology to promote their services. This groundbreaking news from the National Law Review is a game-changer. The legal service is widely regarded as one of the human-driven services that will escape the encroachment of technology. Androids may one day replace customer service representatives, but they cannot do the same with lawyers. Winning a case or servicing a client requires empathy, understanding the complex nuances of human behavior, and various applications of the legal process that right now is not within the capabilities of artificial intelligence. A tool like marketing technology, though, may prove more relevant and more helpful to the practitioners of the legal system. Lawyers and even legal firms are not savvy in promoting themselves or getting the word out about their services. Marketing technology can address that need. The evolving face of marketing technology will soon impact other organizations, including yours. Read about the four marketing technology trends that can help you reach your objectives. – Cora Llamas

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